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Analysing software
ith our ‘Voyage Performance Analyser’ reviewing your ship’s log data is easy. You can use this tool for trip documentation, analysing race performance or even check for damage in your rental fleet.

Analyse your data in 4 steps;


Import data from the L-VDR.


Open log file.


Generate report


Generate Google Earth KMZ file.




ifferent users, different needs. This software solution is suitable for a couple of target groups. Since there is always an overlap in interest and application, please check out all these pages for more additional information. The samples on these pages will give you a clear insight into the benefits of this software package.

Competition »
Corporate Branding »
Fleet managent »
Voyage recording »

Our L-VDR is a very good combination with this software. It will capture and store all your navigation data during the voyage, trip or race. This unit will function without any personal intervention and has a very low power consumption.

PLEASE NOTE: This software is a windows solution only !

The software is sold as is. The development of this product is an ongoing process. Not all navigation hardware behave in a predictable way. With your input, a better and even more adaptable solutions will be created. Your input is therefore very important for us.



€   45,- | 1 piece
€   40,- | 10-99  10% off
€   35,- | 100+   20% off

Business (1 licences per business location obliged)
€ 200,- | 1 piece
€ 180,- | 10-99  10% off
€ 160,- | 100+   20% off

All prices exclusive VAT and transport.

Special pricing for benefit organisations, yacht clubs and boat user

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