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Corporate branding
ur 'Voyage Performance Analyser' is an attractive carrier for your marketing message. The tool has a collaboration with Google Earth and can therefore be freely distributed on all special events.

We offer advertising opportunities that help you reach your audience amids the changes of the digital media and event marketing. By participating you effectively make use of the opportunities of the new technology by integrating sponsor, client and customer involvement.

MarineObjects works with clients to produce valuable commercial sponsor partnerships, designed to build your brand equity and more important to engage, inform, inspire and motivate people to listen to your commercial message.

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here are two unique ways of participating.

1st option : you purchase a taylor made edition of our 'Voyage Performance Analyser' that can be shaped around your own event and marketing program. This special commercial edition is made available for one unique regatta or sailing event. Event organisers or main sponsors can have company logo's integrated in the final Google Earth presentation. Because the integrated software makes use of Google Earth presentations it has no bounderies in geografical reach. This means the software can still be used after the event in a very different location. These editions that can be distributed freely will keep functioning, free of charge, for a certain period of time, for instance a year. An alternative is to have it priced on base of user contact moments. Statistics are made available in use of this pricing. It is your choice to give the software away for free or have limited access available for certain participants of the regatta or sailing event.

2th option : you can have your banner advertisement or company logo integrated in the main visual screen of the analyser. This means that you can get involved in the regatta without being a main sponsor of the event. Statistics will lead to a costs price per click or sailing participant. In both options the commercial effect of the integrated company logo's will continue after the regatta or event. These special editions will provide added business value to sponsors. It quaranties a high rate of return for commercial sponsors.


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