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ailors like to compete.  If you analyse the performance of your boat, you can learn from it for future competitions. Our ‘Voyage Performance Analyser’ gives you a solid basis for further analysis.

As a feature, all your data will be fed into a self learning polar. The sharper the curve, the more accurate this polar will become. Every time your performance was better,  the results will improve your
polar.  Since this is 360 polar, differences in speed and reach over port/starboard are visible. Improper mast trim and straightness
of the ship and/or the rudder will become apparent.

ur L-VDR is a very good option for storing your data during the
race. This unit will
capture all race information without personal intervention and has a very low power consumption.

Click on the pictures below for some samples of situations that would be lost if not analysed afterwards. The examples start simple and become more complex later on. 

Match1Small Match2Small Match3Small Match4Small
24HourRace1Small 24HourRace2Small 24HourRace3Small 24HourRace4Small
ChallengeCup1Small ChallengeCup4Small ChallengeCup2Small ChallengeCup3Small
Graph1Small Graph2Small PolarSmall Fleet9Small

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