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Fleet management
arineObjects has a complete adaptable solution to manage fleets of  boat rental firms.

Our L-VDR is an integrated part of this solution. All whereabouts and movements of the yacht are tracked and stored during the rental period for analysing afterwards. This unit will capture all the navigation data without personal intervention and has a very low power consumption.

If you want to know whether one of your yachts needs an extra inspection, simply check the log file. Simple icons will alert you concerning possible problem spots. A position report gives an additional time based account.


Very low speed through  water and high speed over ground.


High drift rate.


Insufficient depth.


Big fish or seeweed.


High winds.


Sudden stop. Likely the boat hit something.

Fleet1Small Fleet2Small Fleet3Small Fleet4Small
Fleet5Small Fleet6Small Fleet7Small Fleet8Small

Click on the pictures above for some interesting situations.

Although this is a very adaptable software solution, it is not necessarily the best option in a commercial environment. MarineObjects can create an integrated solution that handles log files in an automated fashion. The handling of log files can be done global transparent and storing the data in the corporate database is a possibility.


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