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Short notice wind forecast
ind conditions on the water  can alter quickly. After a warm bright sunny day, a storm can develop out of no where. Wind is difficult  to predict accurately. An official forecast can easily vary 30% in practice. Everybody who has been on the water, has had one of these experiences.

t this moment we are developing a working prototype that can forecast the wind conditions for the next 1-2 hours. In extreme conditions the system will act as a warning system. The system is NOT a weather forecast system. It will interact with the environment and the available onboard navigation data and will predict wind trends in speed and direction for the next 1-2 hours. This system is not only useful in leisure and professional market but will provide great advantages in competition. 

The benefits of this system are;
- Specially added safety. There will be always a warning in times of approaching danger. This give you time to react accordingly.
- A more relaxed experience. There is a background system keeping watch over the weather.
- Predictable less damage and/or wear and tear on the equipment. This system is a cost saver in the long run.
- To be able to anticipate on changes in wind direction and speed. This will give you the leading edge in competition.

We invite people and companies to exchange your ideas and requirements with us. 
Ideas and requirements

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