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r Voyage Data Recorder is an example of a new generation of data recorders specially targeted for the leisure and professional market. Like the black boxes carried on aircrafts, all the available ship’s data is stored in a single small unit. This data can be used for analysing a boat’s performance and trip documentation, but also enabling accident investigators to identify the cause of any accident.

Typical markets for the L-VDR are; yachting, competition, boat rental firms, rescue services, offshore, military and government.

The L-VDR stores its data in a standard NMEA 0183 format. This means that there are no restrictions when playing back the log files. Standard navigating software and standard NMEA 0183 hardware will have no difficulty handling this data. Your voyage data will be as safe as possible. All data will be stored in solid state memory. Even in the event that the unit is destroyed, chances are that your data will remain intact. Furthermore, in times of calamities the
L-VDR can be dismounted in seconds.

In general, the L-VDR can handle a maximum of 255 trips during a year. The data can be simply accessed and managed via a USB port. The L-VDR will store all NMEA 0183 data available. The diversity of the captured data is only limited by the number of different sensors.

 . Very Low power consumption (in general, 50-100 times less than a
. Outstanding mean time between failure (MTBF). Better water and
   shock protected.
. IP66 package (protected against temporary flooding of water).
Automatically capturing of information without personal intervention.
   Your trip information is always stored. Better data intergrity.
In times of calamities the L-VDR can be dismounted in seconds


An onboard NMEA 0183 OUT port L-VDR
12-24 Volt DC Power/NMEA 0183 Data Cable

This L-VDR’s is not IMO compliant and because of that not suitable as a replacement of IMO approved VDR’s or IMO approved S-VDR’s on passenger and cargo ships. The IMO (International Maritime Organization) is the United Nations special agency for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships. For more information:


Analysing software
ith our ‘Voyage Performance Analyser’ reviewing your data is easy. You can use this tool for trip documentation, branding, analysing race performance or even check for damage in your rental fleet.


Competition    Fleet mangement    Voyage recording   Branding

€ 535,- | 1 piece
€ 482,- | 10-99 10% off
€ 428,- | 100+   20% off

All prices exclusive VAT and transport.
Optional; GPS receiver, 9DOF motion sensor, Pressure sensor.

Special pricing for benefit organisations, yacht clubs and boat user

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