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Motion & Stability
arineObjects can provide you with a wide range of solutions and decision support services for ‘Vessel Motion & Stability Monitoring’.

Typical applications for ‘Vessel Motion & Stability Monitoring’ are;
Motion Monitoring,
Weather Dependent Lashing,
Heave Monitoring,
Tow Monitoring,
Salvage Monitoring,
Remote Monitoring.

Our 9DOF motion sensor includes a triple-axis accelerometer ( 16G), triple-axis magnetometer and a triple-axis gyro. Motion data values like longitudinal, transversal, vertical accelerations, roll, pitch, yaw and magnetic bearing are provided. As an option, additional information like GPS, temperature, air pressure or ship’s NMEA data can be added to the motion data.

Offshore Surveyor Kit

he data can be used, not only for real-time monitoring, but can be stored for later analysis on completion of the voyage. The storage of the date can be done on onboard computers or in combination with our L-VDR. Data monitoring can be done directly onboard the vessel or remotely via a broadcast option.

These solutions are very cost effective since MarineObjects only uses the latest technology and we make a taylor made solution best suited for your needs.

MarineObjects works with leading experienced naval engineers in cases where a deeper understanding of vessel stability is necessary and because of that more complex calculations for motion predictions are essential.

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