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Offshore Surveyor Kit
his kit can be used for monitoring, analysing and recording motion and stability data. There is no need for an external power source because the batteries are included. The unit is waterproof and as shock/impact proof as possible.

The kit includes ‘Vessel Motion & Stability Monitor’ software, remote monitoring software and an independent unit containing a 9 degrees of freedom sensor, data storage and a transmitter for remote monitoring. Minimal log includes; Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Acceleration (X,Y,Z), Magnetic field (X,Y,Z).

Atmospheric pressure, Light and Temperature, GPS and NMEA 0183 information can be included in the motion and stability data.

The data can be used, not only for real-time monitoring, but will be stored for later analysis on completion of the voyage.  The additional remote data link feature makes real-time monitoring possible.

- Fixed 10-bit resolution
- Full resolution, where resolution increases with g. range.
- Up to 13-bit resolution at 16 g.
- Maintaining 4 mg/LSB scale factor in all g. ranges.
- Sampling rate 140 Hz

- Absolute barometric pressure accurate within +/-150 Pascal.
- Relative humidity accurate within +/-2%.
- Temperature accurate within +/-0.3 degrees C.
- Ambient light sensor 10-bit resolution.
- Sampling rate 1 Hz.

- Wide magnetic field range from -4 to +4 gauss.
- Sensors can be used in strong magnetic field environments.

Remote transmission
- Standard feature.
- Wide range 1 mile standard.  Larger ranges optional.
- 128 bit encryption.

- Report rate 50, 10, 1 Hz
- Roll & Pitch in 0.05 accuracy
- Optional reporting with additional sensors (GPS, NMEA 0183).
- Data is stored for later analysis on completion of the voyage.
- Data monitorig can be done remotely via a broadcast option.

MarineObjects does not stop here. We can help your company with our Extended Stabilitity Reporting Services.  In co-operation with
ORCA Offshore an extended report can be generated that will contain calculated models for motion and stability.

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