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Voyage recording
our holiday voyage is always recorded. S
ince all trips are logged and stored, you can maintain a complete library of trips. These data files together form a complete log of all onboard NMEA data. There is no limit to the amount of data or number of days. The data can be used for presentations and generates possibilities to exchange your trip with others or analyse the boat performance in detail. Add your photos en text and create your own digital ‘Captain’s LOG’.

360s Club
ourse stability can be an issue. Overpowering the boat can result in unintentional 360 turns. We would like to see these 360s. Share your 360 and become a member of this exclusive club.

My 360

Voyage2bSmall Voyage3bSmall Voyage4Small
Voyage9bSmall Voyage10bSmall Voyage11bSmall

Import Our L-VDR is a very good option for storing your data during your voyage. This unit will capture all trip information without personal intervention and has a very low power consumption.

Click on the pictures on the left for some samples of passages.

ince there is an overlap in interest and application, please check out the Competition page for more additional information.

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